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FRAGILE is a fusion of poetry and art, a collaboration between award-winning poet Athol Williams and 65 South African artists. The book presents a series of paintings, one by each artist, and a short reflective poem inspired by each painting. These short poems are strung together to yield one long poem infused with the shapes, textures, colours and artistic imagination of the paintings.


The poem reflects the paintings, and together, the poem and the art, present a reflection of our world – its magnificence and its fragility. The poet and the artists offer us hope – we hear them say that our world may be fragile, but it is not broken, and that by holding hands across all that divides us, we can draw our world together, to create a hopeful future.


The artists form part of the Worth Knowing About art project.


Book Size: 18cmx20cm, 180 pages (Soft cover)


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